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Sales and Marketing Vacancies


At Prostaff we have designed our Sales Pro Training Program to give sales people a definite competitive advantage. Courses can be tailored over a one or two day period and we can accommodate between 5 – 30 staff at any one event. Sales topics include:

  • How to get and stay motivated – Attitude, Humour, Action.
  • Creating a positive first impression – The Halo Effect.
  • Personal success formula – know your numbers to exceed sales targets.
  • Creating a sales funnel & defining prospects & suspects for accurate forecasting.
  • Lead generation – cross selling, cold calling, referrals and client testimonials.
  • Acquiring the skill of pre-planned open ended questions.
  • Developing the ability for active listening, pausing, questioning for clarification.
  • Learn to ready body language and mirroring to develop customer rapport.
  • Discovering the different buyer types.
  • Product features, advantages, benefits.
  • Account Management. The follow up strategies for continued success.
  • Recognising Buying Signals, Objection Handling and Closing Techniques.
  • Time management & increased productivity for sales people.

“I value Mark highly as a Sales "best practice" Trainer. He's able to communicate complex concepts in a clear, concise and practical manner and able to effectively get his message across to both novices and more experienced consultants .... a true "difference-maker" for our company.”

Paul McArdle, Sales Manager of Corby Rock Ltd

“Mark O’Donoghue is an impressive, results orientated Sales Trainer. He provided clarity of what training sets out to achieve and is able to effect change in individual performance. He helped my team focus on the things that need attention in order to achieve company goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending his professional services.”

Brian Reidy, Sales Manager of Arrabawn Dairies