People ask me on occasion what  I think is the one trait that determines how successful a sales person will be overthe long term and I always respond with just one word  – Integrity. To carve out a career in sales, you don’t have to be necessarily the most talented or knowledgeable – just the most honest with yourself, your clients and your employer.

Integrity ensures that you get repeat custom. Companies will work closely with a sales person that they trust and who will be fair and reliable in good times and in bad. A person of high integrity has no problem with obtaining testimonials and referrals. Direct competitors are always willing to talk to this type of person. Their reputation always precedes them. This is what really wins them business.

When you closely align your chosen profession to your personal values, you come across as somebody who enjoys what they do. As a sales person you develop an air of composure, self belief with enthusiasm that all potential clients buy into. You’re in this profession for the long term and business comes your way because clients can ‘read’ this from you.

Conversely, the sales person who does not work hard, tries to ‘hard sell’ the wrong product on a company and fails to follow up on promises made will always get found out. They in the end will always struggle to get ahead.

Call me old fashioned but Integrity is what really matters. If you want to know what a person is really like – look at what they do under pressure and that will reveal their true values.

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