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Sales and Marketing Vacancies

Terms & Conditions

Explanation of Terms:

  • The “Company” refers to ProStaff.
  • The “Client” refers to the individual or organisation recruiting.
  • The “Candidate” refers to the person(s) being introduced by the Company to the Client for consideration.
  •  “Introduction” refers to the presentation of a candidate by the Company to the Client for the engagement.
  • The Company is paid a fee for introducing a Candidate to the Client who is subsequently engaged.
  • The term “Engagement refers to the entering into a relationship. It can be temporary or permanent; oral or in writing.  

Client’s Responsibility:

  • The Client shall be responsible for checking out a candidate’s qualifications, references, career & medical histories.
  • The Company shall not underwrite a candidate’s suitability.
  • The Company will not be liable for any wrongful, negligent and dishonest behaviour or omission of the candidate. Any direct or indirect loss to property, personnel, or to profits is the responsibility of the client.

Client’s Liable for Fees when:

  • A Candidate is introduced, either directly or indirectly, to another company and the Candidate is accepted.
  • A Candidate is not employed on this occasion but is subsequently employed within a period of 15 months.
  • A Candidate is taken on at the request of the Company even if the Client had prior knowledge of the Candidate.


  • Fees are calculated @ 15% of the first year’s basic salary.
  •  All fees are due within ten working days of Candidate signing their employment contract with the Client. Where no formal contract exists then payment is due ten working days from first day of employment. VAT as applicable is charged.


A probationary period of three months applies when fees are paid at rates advertised above and payment made in accordance with agreed credit terms. If a candidate does not suit then the Client is entitled to a replacement candidate. It is assumed that redundancy or material changes to the Terms of Employment do not take place.